Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Music Box Underway!

Trying to think of urban strategies for my new project, the 'Music Box' aka some sort of community performing arts centre. Here are my initial thoughts... (these must be regarded as sketches!)

The project is in Stranraer (where the ferry goes from Scotland to Ireland), which used to thrive as a sort of seaside resort but has lost a lot of its charm. Cars have take over the whole town, and i am torn: should we accommodate for the cars (and maybe bring back the 50's drive-in cinema?), or should we provide some areas that are pedestrianized, trying to minimize the use of cars in the tiny town?



Else said...

Pedestrians! I always like places without cars more than places with cars. I hate cars.

Shane said...

i think... pedestrians AND bicycles! you could have a big bike parking section at the movie theater and design it so that there are bike lanes... because if it's a big spread out city it's probably hard for people to get around walking, but bikes would make it easier!