Sunday, 19 April 2009

Recent Things of Interest

Finally a little sign of life from me on the blog.
Seeing as I have been quite caught up in holidaying, reading for exams and trying to finish various academic tasks, I haven't really had time to do very much else of interest. However, I am a big believer in the need for a little break now and then, so one day I ventured down to a second hand bookshop just off Otago Street in Glasgow, and snapped up these books for an impressively tiny price:

Not only do I look forward to reading these books, but also I can't wait to put them up in mine and Anthony's flat in London! We have struck a deal: he makes shelves and I put books on them. I love books! Good both for the mind and the eye, I'd say.
Also good on the eye is this lovely hook (hook??? help me out here, Shane) that Anthony gave me one day:

I haven't put it on the wall here in Glasgow; I am saving it for London, seeing as I only have about 2 months left here.
I can't wait to get down there! Our hope is to get a flat close to Broadway Market in Hackney - which brings me neatly to my next point: I picked up this book one day before easter, from a bookshop in said market, because it was a sunny day, Ant was at work, and I wanted to sit in the sun with a book:

I picked it up not really knowing what it was, but it turned out to be a delightfully insightful novel about people, how they interact, why they act the way they do, what they think, what MAKES them. I found it very thought provoking, and it is hereby recommended to all of you readers.

The sun doesn't only shine on London though, even Glasgow has been blessed with some uplifting sunshine lately. My next post might just be a little photographic story from sunny G. Till then, au revoir!


Else said...

The unbearable lightness of beeing is one of my favorite books! The "hook" is lovely. I can't wait to come and see your future home in London. I Chris and I will most probably come in the fall. Will you come to Shane? Yesterday I made the Sofie-room (the guestroom) in to a temporary office for my self. So now I'm sitting here in my little office procrastinating before I have to start finishing two essays which are due this wednesday... The weather is so nice here, there's not a cloud on the sky. But I have to study study every day. Love you!!!

Shane said...

What pretty pictures! I am not sure what the "hook" is, I can't exactly tell from the picture. Is it just a decoration? Or do you actually hang things on it? (In which case it would be, by definition, a hook.)

Finally springtime has come to New York. I really hope you guys will be able to come and visit one of these days! I haven't been working much at all this semester so I don't think I'll be taking any distant trips until at earliest next winter break - stuck between my two nationalities for awhile :(.

Well, I meant to wake up at 7 and it's 11:02 now... I guess I needed my sleep! Else, you should go on Twitter more often :). I miss you guys both a lot a lot a lot!!!