Sunday, 27 July 2008


Dear Friends and Other Readers,

I apologize for the major lack of blogging lately. I am working 9 - 5 every day, and when I'm not, I tend to stay in the sun, where there is no internet.
Also I guess the fact that we all met up in early June sort of caused the blog to get a bit superfluous for a while, considering we debated the world and other issues pretty much around the clock for a whole week. But now the longing for the good conversation has kicked in yet again, ironically because I was sitting outside my aunt and uncle's summer house where I am staying at the moment, alone, listening to the extreme silence of the waves hitting the shore a couple of meters away.
I love the silent sounds but I also love the good conversation.

I have been thinking about this lately because I have a summer project for school where I have to record how an interior changes from sunrise till sundown based on some external (environmental) factor and I decided to analyze sounds. It was amazing how sitting in my boathouse listening for a whole day made me realize that there are silent-sounds and noise-sounds. Like birds are silent sounds because they're always there, like the water against the boats, like the wind in the trees. Unlike the construction work our neighbors are doing at the moment and my mum's footsteps on the floor above, the noise-sounds.

Anyway, what do you think girls, do you listen to things? Like the cars on the street outside your flat, do they make silent-sounds or noise-sounds?

Here is my noise laboratory: