Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Recent happenings

Hello girls!

I have finally downloaded BlogPress for my phone so there is really no excuse at this point. And I also have a camera on this phone so there is double no excuse to share little snapshots of my life with you.

Recently I went to Denver. I got a scholarship to attend the American Public Health Association's annual conference and it was great. I love conferences. Here's a picture of Cornel West, the keynote speaker.

He was really fabulous... And here is the YouTube link!

Also, I got to hang out with Rachel, and my friend Adam! Here are some other pictures, all taken at Adam's beautiful GrowHaus.

Well I guess it wasn't that recent, but a month is a short time when you consider how long it's been.

Love you girls.


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Thursday, 30 September 2010


It's doing it again! Hindi type! It should read: TOGETHER.
As in here:

Trying to capture the vibe of the previous post.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Finally it must be time for a blogpost. I’m sitting by the kitchen table in my Bergen flat, eating oatmeal and waiting for the coffee to be done while looking out at the grey, rainy sky. It’s a slow morning and I can’t find the motivation to open a book.

We’ve got a new cohabitant since the last time we spoke. The Person is Maja, Christophers sister, and she’ll be living with me until Chris comes back from Syria. Chris is leaving for Beirut Saturday morning. From there he’ll continue to Damascus where he’ll be learning Arabic, which is his major in university. I’m a little worried about my life without him. But I think it could be a good thing, exploring my own self a little bit. Spending more time at the library. And Maja will be a good housemate. When Chris and I came back home last night she had cleaned the house and baked fresh buns.

Now the coffee is ready! I’ll be drinking it from my Mummin cup. Speaking of Mummin – Ella came to visit me in Bergen this May. She was in the neighbourhood due to her exchange program in Helsinki. It was such a lovely visit. She told me stories of all the wonderful Mummin merchandize in Finland and I was in awe. When she came back to Finland she sent me this little parcel full of lovely Mummin things. I was so happy, and I haven’t even written to say thanks (I will soon). That reminds me that I haven’t thanked you either, Shane, for the lovely card I received a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed reading it so much – especially the mix between the drunk and the sober parts. A true post-modern piece of work. It was like hearing your voice. I laughed much.

Shane has also gotten a new cohabitant. I’m very excited to hear how it’s going with Helene in New York. Helene got an arts and crafts scholarship to go to New York and develop the art of cooking (in Norway money grows on trees). You must have a thing or few to teach each other, you also being so interested in cooking Shane. Maybe we can find a time where we all can talk on skype. It warms my heart that she’s in good hands with you Shane.

Sofie has many cohabitants, and is making the habitat look very nice with the artistic lamps and desk and what not. I imagine school must have started in London now. How is it going with the no-more-smiley’s-policy?

Second cup of coffee. As you’ve discovered I haven’t got a clear message in my text, but I just felt like communicating with you my dears. Would it be possible to go for a little trip to the US the summer of 2011? Chris and I are probably going to Japan (!) in the Easter so I’m not sure how the money situation will be. But it is a great dream to go to New York and San Francisco! This should probably be planned in accordance with the wedding though. If the wedding is going to be this spring, then we’ll see each other anyways. I think it’s good that we ration or time together, in order to get the most out of it. But what is the status of the wedding date?

May I also ask, what are your long term plans? I thought I might move to Oslo two years from now to start my MA there. It’s a great probability that Sofie and Anthony will be there as well at that time, and it makes me super excited! Maybe Shane should consider some time abroad again? We’ll all live in a huge house and share everything.

2011/2012 will be the great travel year where Chris and I are planning a trip to North Africa and India. Do you want to coordinate and come to India for some time as well? Spring 2012?

Now I’ll be getting ready to attend my lecture. Could you both send me you post addresses please? Have a good day, both of you. I love you so much.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Lamp project pt 2

Take one cool metal lampshade from a market in brick lane, one funky coloured power cord, one IKEA shelf bracket, and voilà:

Friday, 20 August 2010

Summer love

We missed you so much Shane!

New project

Seeing as i am back in London and, for now, jobless, I've got a couple of projects going! Firstly, making the house look nice after my prolonged absence, and secondly, making a lamp! It's going to consist of a board with holes through which I will poke fairy lights. Got the idea from an Internet article, and thus far I have painted the board a fun colour:

Updates to come when it's done!
In the meantime; a few snapshots of the living room:

I found this curious lamp in my mum's attic, and i love these mega-bulbs from ikea so much that I don't think I'm going to put a lamp shade on it!
The pictures are portraits of random people by my housemate Jack.

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