Monday, 27 April 2009

The most delicious thing...

I just wanted to share a recipe that my mum has shared with me, and which I always make if I'm having a dinner party, because it is DELICIOUS! And easy!

1. Make pizza dough:
- white flour
- dash of oil
- salt
- yeast
- water

2. Chop up enough gorgonzola and sundried tomatoes to sprinkle on the pizza

3. Half the dough, use a pin to make two equally sized pizza bases (form depending on your preference)

4. Spread the cheese onto one of the halfs, then spread the sundried tomato on top of that

5. Put the other pizza base on top of the one covered in cheese and tomato

6. squeeze the edges together to stop the cheese from running out

7. use some normal grated cheese (mozzarella and cheddar mix for example) and sprinkle on top of the bake

8. sprinkle some thyme over the cheese

9. put in the oven at about 200 C until the cheese on top is golden and a bit crusty


Unfortunately I don't have a picture of this bake yet, but I will post one once I make it again...
I always get compliments on this dish, so you should all try it! very easy!

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