Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Inner Workings of an Architecture Studio, or, F**K, Only 3 weeks left!

Oh dear. I thought I knew what hard work was, sitting in the MPH studying for my IB exams.

I didn't.

Now, knee deep in things to be done, me and Naomi decided we had to make the best out of the situation. What better to do than set up a studio in my unused livingroom and invite all my best architecture mates for a three week long party?
Liam has announced his arrival, bearing computer, mattress and espresso maker, and me and Names (yeah, I like to call her Names) are already hard at work.

Here are a few glimpses:

My favourite little setup, with the Ant shelf and all our architecture books close at hand. Note the Lidl bags used to transport all our model making scraps from the Real Studio.

The wall is our friend! It contains all our ideas and scrappy sketches.

The wall is not our BEST friend though, that would be UHU glue (the solvent free kind. We don't want to go completely loopy after all.)

When we get bored, we put the TV on. Watching the news for example. We need to know a little bit about what goes on outside these walls! Note also the stock of emergency food (sugar puffs, jaffa cakes, tortilla chips, granola bars and bourbon creams).

But, the most important feature of our studio is this wonderful view, reminding us what NOT TO DESIGN (Notably the gorgeous St Georges Road tower blocks):

Who knew stress could be so much fun!


sendark said...

nice setup! looks like a very nice creative space

Else said...

Haha, I also set up an office for my self in the "Sofie room" for my exam studying, but it wasn't as cool as yours :)

Shane said...

it looks lovely! did you guys get the photo i sent you of our little studio here? and eduardo is here right now and he is going to be in nyc over summer!

Sofie said...

wow cool!!
yes indeed i got the photo, looks lovely!

i quite like these times of hard work.
makes it so nice when it's all over.

I hand in in three hours!!!

Else said...

I can't get over the Ant shelf! Admiring it!