Sunday, 20 April 2008

Pimp My Blog!

Ok, so it might just be that I am suffering from severe procrastination syndrome, but what better to do in such a situation than revamping the blog!?

Hit me with your appraisal or hatred, I shall try and accommodate for everyone's opinion; this is after all the Democratic Republic of the World (And Other Issues).

Much love.


Shane said...

i lowe it. it's beauty-full. but i have some blogs to add to the blogroll (or just make me an admin and i'll do it): (hilarious bitchiness about latin american politics) (news further left than nyt) (because i made it!!!)

Else said...

oh, i also loove it! does the logo thingy on the top have a meaning? I looks like letters but i can't identify them properly. did you write "what we read" shane? funnny that you remember klassekampen.


wonderful that tickets are booked. I'm gonna buy my tickets to the UK as soon as i get paied from the kindergarden.

okay, off to a day of studious pleasures.

Sofie said...

thank you ladies. links are now added. else, are there any links you want on there? i remember you read klassekampen, because it used to be lying in the loo in india!

the logo yes let me elaborate:

can you not see that it says "the world and other issues" in green!? well if that's what you meant by "it looks like letters" then there you have it. if you mean the black thingies, they are buildings! Actually they are some buildings of Stirling, Scotland, as in where mr. Braveheart fought his battles. which is also where my site is this year.
hannah arendt is on the far right, to honour all things philosophical and feminine. The picture on the left is the muwci library, with i think it is vasuman standing there, and finally the picture in the background is the guernica by picasso- just so we don't forget the arts. plus, it's cubism you know; perspectives, perspectives, perspectives.

or am i postrationalising???

Else said...

oh i see it now! i think i was a little tired this morning because i didn't see the images (which are quite clear to me now) and i alo thought shane had made it - so i was amazed she had written "klassekampen". makes more sense now :)

It's really cool! have you made this in photoshop..?


Sofie said...

yesyes photoshop my good old friend who i speak to pretty much every day...