Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Fashion?: The Sequel

Dear friends and other readers (who are of course also friends).
I have been surfing around the blog world for a while now, and i am always surprised by how many good blogs are out there. It seems though, that the ones i like the most are always picture blogs, and most often fashion picture blogs. so, considering I cannot contribute anything of my own wardrobe to that cause of looking good and being well dressed, I will contribute to the world of fashion blogging with some pictures i took of my personal fashion guru, David (well known for uttering frases such as "I love animals, but I love fur more' and 'isn't this just sooo equestrian chic?' in a ringing Northern Irish accent):


Sofie said...

oh and if i now am to be like a true fashion blogger, i would add:

'note the fully buttoned up shirt and the use of the simple sheepskin rug as a luxurious accessory'

Shane said...

yeah a fully buttoned up shirt is definitely making a statement in this day and age... kind of like an anti-statement. yeah.
maybe i should leave the fashion blogging to you?

Sofie said...

hehe, i think you definitely caught the essence of this outfit there!

Josly said...

Well done to all of you! What an amazing!

Else said...

beautiful indeed. i approve of the unbuttoned shirt as well. the squares make the shirt.