Sunday, 20 April 2008


today i read an article on about the young, up and coming fashion bloggers of norway, and i must admit i was a little tempted by the idea of starting a fashion blog. maybe a nicely sarcastic one like, or just a nice little thing of inspirations. so i looked through my photos to see if this was feasible.

clearly not:


Else said...

haha, i definitely get inspired from you fashion blog!

Sofie said...

oh thank you dear. i would like to see your fashion blog! ps. i booked roskilde tickets!

Shane said...

hahah, go fug yourself is hilarious. i feel that i really deserve a place on that sometimes. but i think that there is room in the world (and other issues) for fashion!! let's do it.

Sofie said...

well i suppose you had a little fashion post back in the day with thoughts about ballet pumps! let's go for it!

oh also, new links are added but I don't know how to make you admin... how to make you admin!?
i thought you all were?