Thursday, 17 April 2008

Bad Music

So, as you all may know by now, on Saturday my poor little computer had a bit of a catastrophe (no one knows why!) and when it finally woke up in the hospital, it couldn't remember shit. As in, there's not a note of music in my iTunes library anymore. Therefore, I have been using the "Shared Library" dealio that iTunes have, and I have discovered that I have really truly disgusting taste in music. Like really really terrible, I would never own this crap awful (actually I think I used to own some of it); I LOVE IT!!

Highlights include:
1. Gasolina (Daddy Yankee)
2. Dhoom Machale (?)
3. Wonderwall (Oasis)
4. All the Things She Said (Tatu)
5. Girl's Not Grey (AFI)
6. Does your Mother Know? (ABBA)
7. Sk8er Boi (Avril Lavigne)

What are your favorite awful songs?


Sofie said...

oh dear friend, I HEAR YA!
my "guilty pleasures", as i like to call them, include:

alcazar: this is the world we live in
tor endresen: ingen er saa nydelig som du
train: drops of jupiter
mr president: coco jambo
venke knutson: scared
wham: wake me up before you go-go

and i could go on for ever probably.

Else said...

when no one is around i listen to

Marit Larsen - Under the Surface

I can live with that, but what I dont like is that when I was doing my aerobic the other day, I came to realize that I enjoyed some of the techno shit they play!

Some of these rythms are so persuasive that its hard not to get into the groove. But I do not accept this side of me.

Sofie said...


i think we should all surrender and admit that shit music is the bomb!

i second marit larsen. in fact i will play it now while i get ready to go to school.

much love

pen and paper said...

If "Gasolina" is the song that I think it is, namely the one that my little sister likes to sing when she knows I'm trying to do something really difficult because she thinks minor nervous breakdowns are hilarious, then I say CURSES ON GASOLINA.

But I heart ABBA.

Shane said...

man: a ella le gu-ta la gasolina
chorus of girls: DAME MAS GASOLINA
man: le encanata la gasolina
chorus of girls: DAME MAS GASOLIIIIINA!!!

was it the one you were thinking about?

sendark said...

haha the classiness of daddy yankee will never go unmissed. the lyrics are exactly as shane wrote

my worst list


Blondie - Heart of Glass
Britney - Toxic
*dies on top of the keyboard*

Sofie said...

oh yes how could we forget old britney?
toxic is great!

Else said...

Blondie is classic and great! Does not belong on worst-list!

Shane said...

i agree with else... putting blondie on the same list as daddy yankee... for shame dario!!!

Sofie said...

maybe it is on his list because he's a boy? i think i would be a bit embarrassed to dance around to blondie if i was a boy. BAD SOFIE, stop generalizing...

Else said...

Oh, I know boys who dance to blondie! Check out the version of "heart of glass" by nouvelle vague.