Saturday, 31 January 2009


The Result:


Shane said...

it looks so beautiful!!! i have started a plan to be a better person too. i am making myself a sticker chart like the ones from elementary school! if i get a full weeks worth of stickers for four weeks straight, i am going to buy myself an iphone! the probability of that happening is very slim, but it's still a good motivation :)

Else said...

that's such a nice motivation plan. where are you putting the stickers? in your moleskin?

Sofie said...

wow, yeah that sounds good!
i should probably do something like that!
i remember going to sunday school when i was a kid, because i would get silver star stickers on my little bethlehem picture. there's only one star on it. haha.

smileull said...

Frithjof has this potty training poster on our bathroom wall. He´s supposed to get a sticker everytime he goes poo-poo, but he usually refuses to even sit down. He´s very proud of his three little stickers though. (One dog, one octopus and one seahorse.)

And I´m very proud of you, I laughed myself through your self-motivation experience post. The photos look great and I love your little green writing table. :-)

Forresten. Aner ikke hvordan du følger smileull annet enn med rss? Dvs, jeg tror den også har en atom-feed, men hvordan finne den? Fuglane veit. Hvis du bruker Firefox, er det en egen abonnementsfunksjon under Bokmerke-fanen. Vet ikke hvordan den funker hvis du ikke bruker Bloglines, som er det jeg bruker for å følge blogger.