Saturday, 24 January 2009

New Hobbies

My loves, it's been way too long. I wanted to share with you some new hobbies I have picked up/am picking up/will pick up:

1. Watching videos on the internet!!

Okay, this isn't actually a new hobby, but I wanted to share some cool videos I've seen recently:

2. Writing postcards on the subway!

This started two days ago and it is really fun. You should both expect a postcard from me soon! I got a book of Adrian Tomine cards and I have been using those :).

3. Crocheting using plastic bag yarn!

This one hasn't started yet, but it will soon. I saw this awesome tutorial on the internets, and I am ready to get rid of some of the million plastic bags Raia and I have amassed over the past months!


Sofie said...

dear Shane, it has indeed been too long. Thank you so much for the postcard you wrote from Ecuador! It really brightened up my day. I am looking forward to more of them! I shall start writing more also.
PS. did you know about that urban farm project i sent you the article about? I don't know what's happening with it now, but maybe you know?
I love that Kate Bush song, probably one of my favorites of all time.
Now I must get back to writing my essay, it is due in on Friday, but we have so many things piled up until the 11th of February when our reading week starts, so I just need to get it done. Thank goodness we are equipped with good essaying skills, that makes it much easier. The hard part is sitting down and concentrating on getting it done!
Much love!
PPS. I can't wait to see some plastic yarn produce!

Sofie said...

I loved your postcard dear Shane! I've got one written up for you as well, will send soon!

Shane said...

i forgot to tell you that YES!!! i have seen pf1! it is not up anymore but in the summer every week there were big parties there and it was so fun :). when you come we'll go to ps1!!