Friday, 10 June 2011

At Long Last!

Well I have to say I feel quite ashamed about my prolonged absence from this blog. But it's also very encouraging to see that even though our posts get sparse sometimes, they keep chugging along! I was reading back a little bit and I love Else's narrations (you give the best speeches) and Sofie's snapshots (more houseblogging please!). So I thought I would contribute with a combination of the two.

I want ed to share that, at long last, I graduated! NYU's graduation was a very funny affair, they held it at Yankee Stadium. My parentscame but they couldn't even see me because there were so many people. I just sat in my seat and drank a milkshake (seriously!) the whole time, no diploma receiving necessary. Here are a couple of pictures my dad took.

(At least they could see Brett...I'm one of the purple dots. Oh also he got a special hipster haircut just for my graduation, he went to a military barber at a very fancy place where you write your name on a chalkboard... I know, I don't get it either!)

(Bill Clinton was our graduation speaker... Wow! Also, I think this is a really nice photo... my dad has been getting really into photography recently and I think he has some serious talent!)

So I guess that's the major update in my life right now, and with that have come some other changes too! I moved into Brett's apartment where we're going to stay for the summer until we move into our own place and I'm very happy here. And last week I started my new job -- precisely one week ago today! So far I like it and the people are really nice. I feel like right now I'm getting into a new rhythm in my life and I like that. Maybe my new rhythm will include morning exercise?

Now I'm getting a little rambly but I also wanted to share that last night I put my little sister onto a plane for LONDON! Where you and Anandita will be reuniting soon. Sofie, I told her to go find you and give you a hug for me. She said she would so I hope she does! She'll be there until August, living with a friend from AC. Here are some pictures of my sister, taken a LONG time ago when I still lived in Queens (but she hasn't changed that much!).

(Isn't she pretty? And don't these photos look kind of 80's?)

Love you both lots and lots!


Sofie said...

Can't believe how huge that is!!! you make a beautiful purple dot though. We loved your post, read it out loud to the girls.
We were thinking Anandita should defo become a World and Other Issues member - we need some philosophical input (to counterbalance my home-ramblings?)! Much love!

Else said...

Wow, Shane. What did Bill tell you?

Home-ramblings are great, and diversity is the strength of the world and other issues :-)

I'll soon post a blog about philosophical ramblings late at at night in Hackney. I've fallen sick though.. Buhu.

Love you gals.