Sunday, 27 September 2009

Morning exercise and a praying mantis

Hello. I don’t really have anything much to write but I think it’s a shame that the blog has been inactive lately (and that I have been the most inactive blog-participator). So here are a couple of pictures and updates. I actually really wanted to tell you about last Friday because it was such a nice day. I have experienced some problems lately in regard to the structuring of my daily life. I only have one lecture a week and I’ve thus had a tendency to sleep a bit more that necessary and I’ve had a general lack of routine in my life. But my new project is morning exercise! My friend Maja invited me to join her for 9 a.m. yoga on Fridays, and I have become a great fan of this. So last Friday I went to yoga, where I also met Marte (our 0-year form MUWCI) and Kristian (who is Chris’ friend who Sofie has met a few times). After yoga Maja and I sat in the sauna, followed by a visit to a cosy café. After that I studied a bit in the library and then I had to go to a meeting to plan a photo exhibition about Western-Sahara that we are putting up next week (this is in relation SAIH which is the organisation I am part of: Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund; After the meeting I went home and Christopher and I cleaned the whole apartment. I even tidied my bathroom cupboard, which has been subject to chaos. I made a little box, which i decorated with nice pictures of my good friends. When the house-cleaning project was over we made homemade pizza and watched a documentary about marihuana. I went to bed at 11 to get up for work at six (my “truck”-driving job). The whole day was filled with structure and efficiency and I’m still so happy about this day.

The other picture shows our new pet, the praying mantis named Hugo. He is mainly Christopher’s passion but I also find him quite cute because he washes himself just like a cat. We feed him spiders we find in, and outside of, our apartment.

To conclude I want to recommend morning exercise for everyone struggling with getting the day started. Tomorrow morning I am going to attend water-aerobics. It’s fun because everyone just laughs all the time since it’s such a strange activity.


Sofie said...

I love the picture box!

Anonymous said...

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