Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Insane-o Crazy Fashion Discovery, or Foot Fetish v2.0

As you may already know, over here at Perspective Heaven, we have a passion for fashion (as well, incidentally, as silly rhymes). I have recently acquired a pair of stirrup leggings, and have been wearing them with pride and joy.
Now until very recently, I was under the impression that my fabulous new stirrup leggings were rather unique, more 80's jazzercise (which is awesome) than NYC hipster (which I guess is awesome too, in a different way). However, I seem to have been mistaken, because the other day down at NYU I saw three separate people wearing stirrup leggings! All, incidentally, were wearing them without socks, which supports my earlier hypothesis re: attractiveness of the exposed plane of flesh on the top of the foot. Anyway, I decided to do a little research, and look what I found:
Mary Kate and Ashley designed them! Neiman Marcus is selling them! OMG! So, SHOCKING FASHION DISCOVERY OF THE SEASON: stirrup leggings are in! Fashionistas of the world (and other issues), take note.

(Post on Greek Mythology to come soon.)


Sofie said...

Indeed, I have been seeing these over here in the big G as well. I think this city (or at least the art school) is rather American Apparelified though, I think that may have something to do with it.
I will get a pair when I get money! Which should be about now. No money is so depressing.

Also, I will tell you about my new brief soon, which I am extremely excited about. I just came back from the site, right down the south of Scotland. Beautiful. Sheep everywhere.

Else said...

Nice, I haven't seen any over here i think.. Now I am prepared at least. Quite a practical and elegant pice of clothing.
My next post will be on lobster fishing, because on friday I am going south to fish lobsters!
Whats your "new brief" and "the site" Sofie?

pen and paper said...

Have you also noticed that spats are making a resurgence?

Sofie said...

what are spats?

Sofie said...

i spotted one more today! over socks in high heels. what has the world come to.

Shane said...

for the catwalk version.
i haven't really seen any out in public, but it seems that they're all over the catwalk!

Sofie said...

yes! this is quite funny actually, because an aquaintance of mine from the art school actually has these exact prada shoes. I don't think they are particularly nice, just a bit weird. but then i have another friend who tried to convince me that these shoes were DA SHIT, and i said, ok, they are nice. NICE!?, he said, they are FABULOUS!!!
and then the girl who wore them said: - I actually prefer the box to be quite honest. (I agree, it was a cute fairy box, very nice indeed, but to say that about a £400 pair of shoes is quite shocking!!!) no wonder we are facing a financial crisis.

Shane said...

omg 400 pounds! insane-o crazy for sure!

i love that the posts on this blog that generate the most discussion are the ones about fashion, not the ones about politics or anything like that. hihihi.