Friday, 27 June 2008

Travel Guides for the Lost!

Once upon a time, Sofie and I dreamed of creating our own guide to India. We wrote it on notebook paper in Varanasi, beginning, most logically, with Paud.
Now, as I have told Else on Skype today, a friend of my dear friend Emily is going to spend next year in Pune! So I have excitedly scribbled this out for her:

Read this document on Scribd: pune

It's a little unclear, because such is my spatial awareness and memory, but it was so fun and I thought maybe it would be fun for you guys to see it! Additions? Corrections?

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Sofie said...

How lovely!!
i am actually very, truly impressed by your maps. if someone asked me how to get from koregaon park to G road, the only answer would be rickshaw, for sure.

i remember one thing though; pyramid is actually called piramyd. hehe.

much love