Monday, 30 June 2008

Shane Crochets

maroon&green peek-a-boo, originally uploaded by shanecrochets.

Well, I guess you already knew that; as Else and I recalled, I typed that very phrase into her cell phone the infamous night of "There's too much blood in my alcohol stream!" Anyway, all the delightful crocheting I did in the UK with you guys, as well as my current unemployment, has prompted me to take my hobby to the internet, and now I have started a new crochet blog for myself. I have also started a shop on Etsy, but so far, so bad. We'll see though. I guess it just takes some time, and in any case, it doesn't hurt to put things up there!
So I just wanted to share that. It most definitely does not mean that Perspective Heaven isn't my first love, though, just to clarify. And you should let me know what you think about the crochet blog and shop!
Love love.


Sofie said...

great initiative! any more action on the shop?

my sister started crocheting a huge blanket today, she's doing lots of wavelike stripes in different colours. looks pretty cool but when I asked her how long she thought it'd take, she said she was aimin at finishing it for her 25th wedding anniversary.

Shane said...

nopes, it has pretty much been an unsuccessful enterprise -- but it was fun and a good use of my unemployed time in san francisco, i guess! now that i'm back in new york though and actually have a life again, i think i might abandon ship and just give things away slowly... but we'll see :)

Else said...

I love the shane crochets blog, and I'm advertising! Love you love you. internt in the flat now? i want to see pictures of the flat

Else said...

the picture is so lovely