Tuesday, 26 February 2008

the glory of the story

I think most of us in the prosess of growing older gradually uncounsciously supress the creative part of our intellect. Meaning that we don't use the ability to make up stories as much as we did as children. I've started working as a substitute kindergarden assistent! It's stressful and tiresome but gives so much energy at the same time. And the other day when I was there I became aware of how the children constantly made up random little stories with no connection to reality. Do you make up stories? Should we write some stories on the blog?


Shane said...

Perhaps! Or perhaps just stories about what the children in our lives do that make us think about things in a different way, or simply smile.
I think it is really good to have children in your life; it adds a whole different perspective. Even when they are a little bit crazy like the ones I take care of. Who are also so cute.

Sofie said...

I wish i had some more kids around me, so i could enjoy their stories and general weirdness. however, the only kids i see are the neighbors kids, but they hate me, because one of their bikes got stolen once when we had a party at my flat. it was later found, safe and sound.
i imagine you as a pretty good kindergarten assistant, else.

Else said...

Oh, at least you have your little nephew frithjof. Who are the children you take care of Shane?

Shane said...

i babysit three little girls in soho! haven't i told you about them? they are a major part of my life since i take care of them four days a week. they are 100% crazy! everything is always a crisis, such as not being allowed to go to recess. and boys are the enemy. sometimes it's stressful, but mostly it's fun. and their parents are really cool too; we share political beliefs so that is convenient.