Friday, 1 February 2008

Ann Coulter: Hillary is "absolutely more conservative" than John McCain

Okay, so dramarama, brazenly conservative pundit Ann Coulter has come out and said that if it comes down to John McCain vs. Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton is the best choice for Republicans. Why? Because she's "absolutely more conservative" than he is! But what about all of that business about nationalizing health care and pulling out of Iraq? Coulter doesn't thing she actually will -- "she's running in a Democratic primary," after all, so what else would she say? Coulter reminds us of Clinton's Bush-like answer to a debate question as to what she would do if three cities were attacked: "I will find who did it, and I will go after them." (Sound familiar?) So, not only would Ann "If Democrats Had Any Brains, They'd Be Republicans" Coulter vote for Hillary Clinton, she would campaign for the former first lady.

ZOMG. I think this says a lot about Mrs. Clinton and her... broad-based appeal?

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