Thursday, 24 January 2008

2008, at last.

dear friends. thank you shane & else for sharing your reflections on 2007 and your intents for 2008.

here are mine:

2007 started out on the worst note a year has ever started for me. coming back to glasgow after holidays was like coming back to prison even though all the other prisoners had been set free. oh maybe not that bad, but still pretty bad.
i watched movies a lot.
things didn't really pick up until march, when i went to the US of A to travel around and feel like i was actually alive, after all. i found i was very much alive, and the trip, even though sometimes pretty exhausting (travelling alone, buses, flights, parties, being lost on manhattan for 12 hours) was like a very much needed vitamin injection. back in glasgow, i now had a more positive outlook on life, and it so happened i made some friends and eventually even a wonderful boyfriend.
school was going well also, i was enthusiastic and did pretty well because i put in a lot of work.

summer came around and it was nice, but you know, it's a bastard.

in august, back in glasgow, i felt slightly relieved to be back "on my own".
new flat, new circumstances, clean academic slate, all that jazz. it was good. and it's remained good, except for the academic part, which has proved to be unbelieveably stressful, not because of workload but because i struggled to understand the point of my briefs, and thus all i did seemed to be in vain and i didn't like any of my designs. oh well.

but, all in all; 2007 began on a horrible note and ended on a very very good one.
i feel like i am in charge of my life again.

so, how about 2008?

well, so far i've had:

1. a good final review for my much hated and cried over design project
2. an amazing birthday party
3. few, but good friends.

2008 will bring:

1. exciting travels (going to lisbon in 2 weeks and berlin in march!)
2. shane and else in june!!
3. challenges that i will try to face positively
4. changes,
5. the start of my last year in school before i leave to work in an office for a year!

Sofie in 2008:

1. a good communicator (at least better.)
2. healthier.
3. more enthusiastic.
4. productive.

much love for this year, ya'll
IT'LL BE A GOOD ONE! (inshallah)


Shane said...

it seems like we all had difficult beginnings but good ends of 2007 -- a year of positive change, no doubt! this is a good sign i believe.

Sofie said...

indeed. may 2008 also end positively!

Else said...

haha, I first read that in an indian accent "may 2008 also end positively" (the month of may)