Saturday, 2 April 2011

Get on the floor!

Finally, we are in the process of laying the bedroom floor. The wood we got is called parawood - cheap, and green, as it is a bi-product of rubber production! Gives me joy to walk on a floor which I know has done a good job in its previous life... And best of all, it looks quite good!

Downside is it is not an engineered timber floor, so every piece has to be glued individually. Time consuming! Also, the walls being kind of squint does not make for an easy job!

Looking forward to showing you the finished room!


smileull said...

Imponert! Lime hver enkelt lille bit? Men så gøy med et skikkelig snilt gulv. <3 Fin redde-verden-søster. <3

Sofie said...

Ikke fullt saa galt, de smaa bitene var allerede limt sammen til stoerre planker :)