Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Recent happenings

Hello girls!

I have finally downloaded BlogPress for my phone so there is really no excuse at this point. And I also have a camera on this phone so there is double no excuse to share little snapshots of my life with you.

Recently I went to Denver. I got a scholarship to attend the American Public Health Association's annual conference and it was great. I love conferences. Here's a picture of Cornel West, the keynote speaker.

He was really fabulous... And here is the YouTube link!

Also, I got to hang out with Rachel, and my friend Adam! Here are some other pictures, all taken at Adam's beautiful GrowHaus.

Well I guess it wasn't that recent, but a month is a short time when you consider how long it's been.

Love you girls.


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Else said...

Thank you for the update Shane! I`ll try to write something when I come home. Love from Beitut!