Monday, 1 December 2008

Dow Plunges 600 Points as Recession is Declared, or, My Contribution to the American Economy

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's official. We are in a recession.

Since we all know that the best way to improve the economy and contribute to the national well-being is to go out and SHOP, I thought I'd do my patriotic duty and share with you three different brands that I am quite a big fan of.

Exhibit A: Moleskine
Oh, Moleskine. The famous notebook of Picasso, Dali, and everyone else. So pretty. This semester, all of my notebooks were Moleskine; I spent about ten to fifteen dollars more than I would have otherwise, and it was WORTH EVERY PENNY. I also have the calendar, which comes with stickers. Stickers! And I have to admit, I coveted the calendar so violently that I bought the 2009 one in July, and have just written the dates in the notebook section in the back.

(That's right. To buy.)

Exhibit B: American Apparel
Now, although I have always labeled American Apparel as an overpriced hipster store(1), I have secretly always wanted to go shopping there. I finally got my opportunity this past Halloween when I decided to dress up as a grape, and needed a purple hoodie to complete my costume. It was a little hard to part with $40 just for a sweatshirt, but it was not at all hard to put that sweatshirt on. And now I wear it every day. Every. Single. Day.

Exhibit C: Le Creuset
Well, this is a brand that I actually do not own anything of, due to its extremely expensive nature, but one of these days, when the economy recovers, maybe...

(1) HA HA HA. I hope everyone grasps the irony of proclaiming that all of my notebooks are Moleskine and then claiming to avoid Overpriced Hipster goods.


pen and paper said...

Dang, I lurve my Moleskines. LURVE THEM. I've gone through a number of sketchbooks, and now that they have such a huge range of sizes and paper densities I keep coming back to them.

Sofie said...

Hah! I agree on every single item here: but! I am wearing an american apparel sweatshirt as i write, and i wear it as much as i can (it usually starts smelling bad and then i don't wear it for a couple of days until i forget that it smells, or it has stopped smelling, and then i put it back on. haha), but the sad thing is that it has a hole under my armpit and im too lazy to fix it. my AA skirt is torn at the side, my AA jumpsuit's elastic is broken. the only AA garment that is still intact are the gloriously garish black sequinned hotpants i got for my 21st disco themed birthday (and which i have never worn since, thus they're not broken i suppose). but i still love AA. I got frithjof a maroon hoodie with blue polkadots there for his 2nd birthday, he loves it! he puts it on and says: let's call sofie and anthony!
moleskines: YES! i recently went to the low of buying a non moleskin sketchbook (due to recession and money tightness) and i have regretted it ever since. I have got the calendar though, for 2008, and it's RED! great.
I once got my mum a le creuset baking dish for her birthday. it's orange and it doesn't match ANYTHING in the kitchen, but it doesn't matter; it's so nice!
hmm my contribution to the nice goods blogpost would have to be Marimekko i think. i love marimekko stuff. i went to the Lighthouse(1) today to buy naomi her birthday present, and even though i didn't buy anything from marimekko (all i could do was drool over them), they gave me a really nice marimekko carrier bag which was green with black and white cows on it! i then went on to cut the bag into pieces to wrap the presents with it (use what you have!) and they looked pretty cool.
ok this comment will be long so i better end it here...
love. let's go shopping, recession recession, shopping obsession!

Sofie said...

oops forgot the footnote:

(1) the lighthouse is the scottish centre for architecture and design
and it has a really good shop with nice fabrics, furniture and various other paraphernalia (is that the right spelling?). also books!

Else said...

I feel a little in the fashion periphery here, I haven't heard of american apparel. But moleskin is also one of my best friends and I've used the calendar this year (black one), and for 2009 I'm planning to get the red one. So we're all doing our part to get supply and demand going together in a sweet harmony and the wheels of capitalism rolling..

Shane said...

I have the red calendar too!!! We're all matching!!