Saturday, 4 October 2008

For the Number Hungry

One of those posts that won't get any comments, because it's not about fashion. Except, wait, no, OMG! Sofie! Today I found the exact same H&M skirt that you got on Colaba Causeway on the way back from project week, that Barbara also had, the peachy colored one, at a thrift store in my neighborhood! It was amazing!

We could also discuss Sarah Palin's outfit at the debate last night, because what I really wanted to talk about was politics.

Check out the garish American flag pin. Ew.

Anyway, the debate last night, my mom and I agreed, was HILARIOUS, especially the part where Palin was like, "OMG, you love Israel? I love Israel too!" No, seriously. The exact quote was, "I'm so encouraged to hear that you love Israel too." Kumbayah, my lord, kumbayah. Unfortunately, she didn't sound quite as dumb as I had hoped, and her blatant untruths make good sound bytes, especially for those not poised at the lap top, madly Googling every exaggeration or outright lie.

This has to be short, but I'll leave you with this chart that my dad put together. Maybe these numbers are more eloquent than any argument I could ever make:


Sofie said...

Here comes a comment, to prove I am not only interested in superficial skirts and blouses.

I was watching the debate, and I think it is absolutely striking how, consistently, Biden actually answers questions with solutions, whereas Palin keeps saying things need to change but never really offers solutions other than TAX CUTS FOR EVERYBODY!
Biden talks to people in petrol stations, but Palin seems to meet "the common people" only at the sideline of her kid's hockeygames. hm.

She looks good though, I'll give her that.

pen and paper said...

Yeah, I read a great summary of Palin's performance earlier this morning: "Palin did an excellent job answering the questions Palin wanted to answer."

Sofie said...


Sofie said...

yes that is very cool about that skirt actually. i couldn't believe it. but goodness. this skirt gets around!!