Monday, 3 December 2007

things that should be blogged

first, i need to mention a new discovery i have made. you might already know about this show.
it is called 'trapped in the closet' and it is basically a soap opera in the format of a musical. r kelly wrote it, sings it and he is the man 'trapped in the closet' who can see everything which is going on, in a fly-on-the-wall kind of narrative.
if you're in the mood for something extremely silly, look it up on youtube.
we've had a bit of a debate going on here, whether r kelly is really stupid, or really a comedy genious, or something in between that results in a really funny show. i would like to hear your opinions on the matter.

on a more serious note, i have read a book lately, called 'louis i kahn - conversations with students', and this book is made up of questions that students asked him and his answers. (louis kahn is a famous american architect).
it makes me want to be smart, and it makes me think that maybe i should have studied philosophy instead. well at least louis kahn has some great thoughts about architecture that i wish i could be smart enough to implement into my designs at some point. i especially liked this part, where he is talking about the design of a school:

'i do not think that there should be rooms designated for seminars in a row on a certain floor, because a seminar is really an inspired thing, and you hold a seminar like this one, you sit around and hold it. as soon as you make it on the second floor, with all the seminars lined up, it is no longer a seminar. there isn't the spontaneity in the back of it.'

i wish i could be a bit more philosophical in my thinking about activity, and why and where and how events happen.

else, have you read any heidegger? he is next on my reading to do list.


Shane said...

i think you are philosophical in your thinking about activity, just not as overtly.

Else said...

Did you know heidegger had a love affair with hannah arendt? His was also a nazi. And she was a jew. Didn't read any of him though, but my brother said I should. Maybe that's a new idea for the blog, we can read the same book, and make reflections around it. Any, yes, Sofie is philosophical (remember our TOK presentation?), I give you six years and you are above this guys level. Now I'm going jogging, and then I'm writing my philosophy essay.

Else said...

I'm sorry, I give you much less that 6 years.

Shane said...

oooh!!! an online book club. YES!! let's do it.

Sofie said...

sounds like a good idea!!
which book should we start with?