Saturday, 13 October 2007

Republican militiawoman training on the beach outside Barcelona, August 1936

by Gerda Taro


Sofie said...

will you elaborate on this?

Shane said...
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Shane said...

gerda taro was an incredible german photographer who took many pictures of the spanish civil war, including that one of a woman training on a barcelona beach. this one is the most famous one, though i would not say the most beautiful. i went to see a show of hers at the international center for photography on friday night because (a) i have no friends and (b) it is pay what you wish admission on friday nights; in any case, i was really impressed. my favorite picture was actually of a man and a woman, both militiamembers, sharing a funny moment during a break or something. the tone of the picture and the looks on their faces suggest a vacation on cape cod, until you notice the rifle between them & the militia garb they have on. she captured a mundane & human side of war & destruction, & i think this is beautiful. there's a link to the show on my bookmarks. (ps she was robert capa's partner; he is someone you may have heard of.) (ps2 sorry for deleting; there was a blatant spelling error.)