Wednesday, 11 July 2007

dear friends,

all of a sudden i can access this shit!! let's do it, a else sofie shane blog would make me so happy. even if it is just every now and then.

so. where am i & what am i doing? back in san francisco, re-discovering the consumerist american i really am, and loving it. and feeling guilty for loving it, but that is kind of the charm. life is a corporate sponsored event (i came up with that myself!!!), yes it is. pretty soon, i am going to go to new york, and study. and learn. it is time. no more childrens.

my fellows are at the roskilde festival in denmark, i think. tell us, tell the internet world! and pretty soon we will think of some interesting, insightful topics, and this blog will be forever famous. i'm going to go write on my other blog now.


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Else said...

consumed with consumerism! these are words which i quote from a poem Anna T once wrote me back in the days. it was a poem in which I had an affair with a t rex (that eventually bit my head of). it is up on my wall now. so is a picture of you (i already told you) where you look pretty. you always look pretty.